Journey to Wholeness (IV) I AM GROUNDED, Foot Chakra

For me, it’s a spiritual experience when something someone relates resonates deep within; even if it’s not an immediate aha, it makes me think, “Huh?” I count it as a spiritual whisper. Sometimes, it takes not getting a concept to inspire questioning. You don’t know what you don’t know until you realize you don’t know. You know?

I desire my “conversations” do that for you. Stay open-minded. Each “next article” is built upon the last, with a week in between for settling and practice.

Grounding earthing

Usually omitted in the charted chakras is the Foot Chakra. It’s really the first and represents our foundation, the feeling of being grounded. It’s our ability to walk the walk.

If the Foot Chakra is closed, you may feel ungrounded and confused, even tired, irritable, and unreasonable. Integration with others and understanding other’s points of view is challenged. In extreme cases, there may be destructive behavior, super-sized temper tantrums. As a result, people may avoid and doubt you.

If you feel uncertain, when life serves up lemons or, the other extreme, when mundane activities interfere with your energy release, the Foot Chakra may be/become blocked.

Any workout or increase in activity will help return energy to its status quo. Take nature walks (earthing/grounding), jog, or jump rope. Smell the earth. Play in dirt; gardening can be transformational meditation.

If your MO is a wheelchair, have someone assist you by placing your feet on the ground, even pound them against the earth. (Here are some “earthing” products that may be of interest ) If this isn’t feasible, go quantum: think and envisioning yourself earthing. While you’re at it, you might as well Dance Like No One is Watching! 

The color Brown represents the Foot Chakra. Wear it. Look at it. Eat it.

As for “eating it:” eat root vegetables like potatoes and turnips; raw or boiled non-GMO peanuts; brown and black rice. Season with ground Cumin (get it?), and nutmeg. Treat yourself to dark chocolate, rich in flavonoids and can aid in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

Remember brown molasses? Molasses (“light”–first boiling, “dark”–second boiling, “blackstrap”–third boiling and has the greatest health benefits) is made from sugar cane, sugar beets, sorghum, carobs or dates. I drowned my mother’s handmade biscuits with this hearty syrup.

Also, remember molasses is sugar. When something sweet calls your name, EAT FRUIT. Your body is communicating its need for sugar–natural unadulterated sugar for brain support. Have you noticed sugar cravings when you are taxed or stressed? Glucose prevents brain tissue scarring from these experiences. “Comfort food” is not “soul food.” Although, soul food does emotionally and physically comfort your body…the best preventative to taking drugs!

Concerning drugs, and the perfect segue into essential oils, I recently read this:

“While synthetic drugs are simplified, isolated compounds, (essential) oils are complex structures that vary slightly from batch to batch. This means that while pathogens such as viruses can eventually ‘figure out’ the simplicity of drug structures, they cannot adapt to oils because they are always slightly changing.” -soundconcepts by Kari McDermott

In other words, new strains of diseases reinvent themselves to outsmart the pharmaceuticals, aka “medicines.” Essential oils are products of nature, subject to environmental influences. Because their chemistry varies year after year, they inherently outsmart drugs!

By defusing and/or applying two drops on your wrists or temples, Young Living’s Essential Oil Envision #3337 (5 ml, $24.67 retail)  helps to renew faith for the future.

Applied to the back of the neck and on the temples, Grounding #3348 (5ml, $23.36 retail) can help you cope with reality.

Any life upgrade requires knowledge, mindfulness, a decision, and taking action to change. DO IT! Color outside the lines!

Disclaimer: I am offering my insights and what has worked for me. This is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any condition of the body. Always consult your health professional before changing any program. I am not legally responsible for anyone else’s thoughts, words, actions or ramifications of such. Quotes I have used, and books or information I have referenced are not indicative of their authors agreeing with or condoning my suggestions and approaches.


  1. I love grounding by walking on the earth bare foot. I just learned if you practicing earthing after a long flight, it helps tremendously to reduce jetlag. I wish I had been aware of this before flying into Houston in March for Meta BE ❤️hugs oxox

    1. HELLO, Tamra! I’ve also read, walking/standing barefoot on earthen bricks, laid directly on the soil, is as beneficial; ‘though, not a “nature walk.” XO 🙂

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