Let’s Talk

I’m not a ventriloquist but, like a ventriloquist, I talk with my hands; more specifically, my  middle finger.

NO! I’m not talking birds. I type with my middle finger. I’m a s-l-o-w southern talker of about 8 words a minute. I’ve been talking steadily for a while now but am still treading water in the social media thing. My cyber synapses are sparking to catch up with my speedy Gonzales fingers. I’m going to talk your eyes right out of your head. ARRIBA!

Please accept my open invitation to R.S.V.P. with your responses concerning disability (or not), experiences relating to my topics, your thoughts, concerns, questions or reviews of my books…it depends on you which path I follow with my conversations. Otherwise, I’ll purvey diverse points-of-view to stimulate our conversations.

Let’s change the world or, at the least, make it a better place.

Let’s talk. I’m listening