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Stenographer of our life experiences, our body records all emotional memories. Any physical symptom contains suppressed thought, word, and feeling. Until they are realized (seen with real eyes), they are stored in the body and can become pain and dis-ease.

The medical model has prescribed pain relief (numbing its symptoms), ignoring or unaware of pain’s source. In recognizing there is a purpose for all things under Heaven, pain can be seen as an attention-getting signal to tend to its cause. In other words, pain is the capstone of awakening emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual wholeness.

Your heart already has your solution. You remember what you didn’t love and can, if you will, transmute your apathy into caring, grief into joy, fear into faith, anger into action and authorship, and pain into love.

Are you ready to shift old belief patterns that keep you merely surviving each day? Are you ready to discover your highest potential, your greater mission in life? If so, click “Let’s Talk” below for your FREE consultation. I am available and enthusiastic for your awakening your masterful self.

We CAN change the world as we transform ourselves.