About Me

Before my car flipped (I call it my life resurrection, my second chance in life), I was a tomboy reared on a farm who grew up to be a beauty pageant winner, a photographer’s model, and a natural athlete. Now, I have been tutored by 41+ years of living triumphantly from my chariot, i.e. my wheelchair.

During my chariot ride, I have worked as a speech pathologist with aphasic adults and special children, a counselor, interior designer, a critical thinker (problem solver, not being critical), and have run several small business ventures. Now, I am a Mastery Systems certified Life Upgrade Coach. I love awakening our masterful selves!

Here are a few of my (other) favorite things (a chapter title in my first book, “Views From My Chariot: A Wheelchair Oddity

Music inspires me. I enjoy most genres from Santana, Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart, Willie Nelson, Carrie Underwood, Adelle, Sade, Walela, Delirious, and OMG, Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love” video! Carmen’s “Champion” is my favorite Easter song; for Christmas, Michael English’s “Mary, did you know?” and, in general, the Chordettes’ “Mr. Sandman”—a VERY old oldie, and the Glen Miller band. I even have music in Latin, Italian, Spanish, and Cherokee. I love music!

Nature woos me. I’m in awe of her cooperative communication—the murmuration of birds and school of fish changing direction in a split-second (I love scuba diving.); azure skies, full moons, and shooting stars.

Among others are: cashmere sweaters, scarves, and barefoot sandals; breakfast, spicy Indian food, and mangos; the exuberance of orange, the peacefulness of white, and PINK; late winter daffodils, bright Gerber daisies, and red poppies; ancient Asian peonies, graceful crepe myrtles, and their leaping lizards (which will make sense when you read my book); a tugboat’s baritone horn in the night, a train’s distant whistle, soothing wind chimes, and a child’s laughter; movies, movies, and more movies; cats, cats, and cats (I have two); a good book, and time to read it; a wise oxymoron (Are you thinking I’m clearly confused?); a smart joke, a fun game with friends, and laughter; dry red wine, 12-year Glenlivet Scotch, and espresso.

I have been tediously repetitious with things I love. What can I say? I LOVE MY LIFE! If you think about it, all of the above are simple sensory delights available to all.

Now, after my coffee’s adrenalin surge, I am exceedingly alert with dilated arteries and accelerated blood flow. I’ll run it off.

Uh-oh! I’ll take me up on it soon.