LOVE your life

Do you feel “the good life” has escaped you? Have you thought, “Is this all there is?”

NO! Your questioning is your Sovereign Self awakening! If you are fully committed to BE your best YOU, I am here to empower you remembering your heart’s desires and realizing (with real eyes) your greater mission in life!


Peace To Your Upmost

Peace be still

AFFIRM: “I move forward in Peace and Grace.”


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You’re Body Believes Your Thoughts

EVERYTHING can be changed by the thoughts we think.

Thought holds the power of transformation.

You aren’t your thoughts, but you become what you think of yourself.

“Spirit is All That Is, that which gives Life to Thought and Body.” – John Assaraf

Spirit being, what are you creating with your thoughts?

PHOTO QUOTE UNUSUAL Amazing brain 70000 thoughts a day

My witty, winsome, and colorful (yes, it’s written in color) guide to discover YOU and change our thinking….an excellent adventure! You will be pleasantly surprised and entertained with my non-clinical, drug-free research on myself. Toot, toot!

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Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Okay people, disabled or able-bodied: everything changes with time.  Some of us are forced into a physical chrysalis before we’re psychologically ready. However, there should be a mental and spiritual evolution in everyone’s life.

Change is a constant. Right? IF NOT, this is what SEEMS to happen: people and things around us change. Nothing was like it was before. Life isn’t what you expected. Nothing makes sense! AND, nothing will improve or change…until your thinking changes.

Photo cat time changes shape

Learn a lesson from yellow tabby: life will be VERY uncomfortable if you keep trying to fit into past habits, habitats, and hobbies. It’s time to think out-of-the-box/basket.


Intuition Verses Instinct

Since college, I’ve loved anatomy and physiology. And, most of the time, when going into antique shops with my mother, I came out with a book on the brain…I MEAN: I didn’t walk out with a book on my head! It would be a book written about the brain.  (Where’s interpretation check when I’m ambiguous?!)At the time, I thought I would be a brain surgeon but, as I wised up to the dedicated years required in medical school, I became a speech and language pathologist instead. Of course, this kept me in my briar patch with the neurological impact of birth defects, illnesses, and accidents. My interest continues.

Let’s face it: there is nothing that compares to the human brain! This little three-pound organ controls the functions of our body, is associated with human intelligence and emotions—the very essence of our mind and soul—and interprets information around us. But, that’s only three (physical, mental, emotional) of the four levels of our human existence.

So much emphasis is placed on getting an education, establishing an occupation, and building social connections as the means to prosperity and happiness that we’ve forgotten the basics: we’re spirits housed within a physical form…but NOT CONFINED TO IT.

We tend to rely on our minds to interpret our physical, mental, emotional, AND spiritual health. We make visceral conclusions from visual and verbal clues (often) distorted through the lens of assumption, presumption, and personal prejudice.

In the absence of proof, we “assume” something is true.

Despite our misconceptions, we “presume” our beliefs are irrefutable.

And, well, “prejudice” is just ignorance—one-sided, biased non-objectivity. In contrast, the animal kingdom survives, and thrives, by instinct–innate knowing.

To my way of thinking, “animal instinct” is analogous to human intuition. So, if animal instinct is inherent, isn’t human intuition?  Then, where is intuition? What has happened to our “sixth sense?”

I don’t believe intuition is a passive gene lost in our evolution. I believe it’s the heartbeat of our spirit. When unexercised, our spirit-muscle atrophies.

So, what is intuition? What is spirit? And, what are exercises to strengthen your “spirit muscle?”

To be continued….

Write it into your calendar…or speak it into your Smartphone…or program an RSS feed…OR boost your brain power to remember. J

(You can also find brain exercises, and much more, HERE

Ambassador of Peace

If you’re alive, you’ve heard or read Mahatma Gandhi’s quote: “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” BUT, there’s an unwritten pre-requisite: discard expectations!

A belief of something, good or bad, that will or will not happen in the future is an “expectation.”

Expectations are mental! Yes, I mean it in the worst way. They’re not fact. In fact, they’re fiction, like the plot in a novel. Compare these 5 elements of a plot to one of your expectations: a story of characters; a series of events that build up to a conflict; resultant emotions, tension, and stress; the resolve of complications; and, their tragic or happy conclusion.

If a hoped-for expectation isn’t realized, disappointment results. How is disappointment normally expressed? In children, we see sulky silence or spiteful retaliation. We also see it with adults, along with character assassination and, maybe, an all-out feud.

If a negative expectation is met, it’s usually interpreted as personal rejection or even an assault. Again, disappointment, evidenced by silence, isolation, and/or retaliation.

Let’s be the change. Let’s discard–delete–expectations of others. Like Gandhi, we can be ambassadors of peace! (a holiday reminder) 


Choice or Chance?

What woulda’ been, coulda’ been, isn’t what is. It’s useless. It’s defeatist.

Thoughts come, and they go. Which ones we listen to, entertain with imaginings, or believe is, way too often, a conscious choice we make subconsciously…because we’re not “listening” to our thoughts! (For how to take your thoughts captive, you can purchase HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU here

Thoughts are deviously coercive.

“coerce: to restrain or dominate by force; to compel to an act or choice; to achieve by force or threat.” ( Hmmm.

Do your thoughts “restrain” you with reluctance and procrastination? Do they “compel” you with competition and impulsivity? Or, do they “threaten” you with fear or envy?QUOTE I am who I am today Eleanor Roosevelt

What thoughts are dictating your actions?

Which actions determine your choices?

Be proactive. Choose with a joyful, faith-filled heart.

Today is a new day!

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23m (ESV)

It’s My Right To Be Wrong

Is it wrong to be right? That depends.

Being knowledgeable, educated, and informed is admirable. Having to always be right is wrong. Not only is it a character flaw, it’s irritating as hell to others! I know. I mean, I know I’m right. I mean…wait. Let me explain.

I was so consumed with being right that I didn’t see how I was affecting others.  I just thought they were copping an attitude because they were wrong. To compound my condition, “not being wrong” trumped “being right.” Anyway, we all know: nobody likes a smarty-pants, a know-it-all.

Pathetically, I didn’t consider myself to be a know-it-all; I just thought I was always right. It’s called “a blind spot.” For me, it was one of many. The incident that triggered my most notorious delusion was a road trip.PHOTO COMPASS N S E W

I was reared in Tennessee, attended college in Mississippi, lived and worked in Mississippi, Illinois, and Colorado until I moved back south to Alabama. On the first trip traveling north to visit my parents in West Tennessee, a mysterious incidence occurred to us, my sister and me, pairofabnormals.

The journey involves driving west across the Alabama border into Columbus, Mississippi. At Columbus, we turn due north, where “magnetic (compass) north” and “geographical (true) north” are exactly the same, toward which we continue through Tupelo (yes, the birthplace of Elvis), then Corinth, and up into Jackson, Tennessee before arriving in Martin, our hometown. It was upon entering the small town of Tupelo that my compass went haywire.

Although we followed the road signs, we found ourselves on the road back to Alabama. We circled back in our autocraft to the city’s entrance and tried it again, paying closer attention.

Flabbergasted, we found ourselves back on the vexingly familiar road to Alabama. From our prior practice runs, we recognized the Tupelo exit and frantically veered for it before it was too late.

This time, my navigational skills kicked in. I knew we were headed north. For us to have persisted in circling Tupelo, we must have been turning back west to end up returning south, so I offered this sage advice to calculate east: “Follow the sun because it sets in the east.”

Well, there are two things you can’t take back: childbirth and your words. Now, it is written!

We finally found our way out. But, on our second and third trips back to Tennessee, we experienced what we have respectfully labeled “The Tupelo Triangle” again, and again. Now, the interstate bi-passes Tupelo, but I suffer déjà vu just at the thought.

I’ve been humble, and I’ve been humbled. Hmmm. Do I want to be right or have satisfying relationships? It’s a heart choice. In truth, I was hiding my insecurity behind the mask of confidence. The masquerade translated into arrogance.

You know: When being confronted by arrogance, it’s like a burr under a saddle? Woe, Nellie!

I’ve learned that it’s not important to have the last word, to know all the answers, or to appear to be more than I am. What matters is other’s feelings and doing my best not to cause offense.

My feelings don’t suffer anymore when I’m wrong; though when I am, it’s always good for a laugh. In fact, stroking my ego is a thing of the past. Toot, toot! Ooops…

Even now, sometimes when I’m wrong, my sister loves to remind me: “The sun sets in the east.”

“East is east and west is west, And the wrong one I have chose.” (song “Buttons and Bows”)


Love Is Energy

I keep harping on the importance of thoughts; reason being that research varies about mental processing for “advertising message retention.”

To positively influence the purchase of a brand/product (in my case, an idea, a thought) some say that “viewers” will forget a message unless it’s often (up to 20 times) repeated.

So, I’m “reiterating” for your health: love. Let judgment go! Holding on to past offenses wrecks havoc on mental AND physical health.

While innocently going about your daily routine, is it not rude for the memory of another’s past action, word, or “imagined offense” to menacingly pop up on your mental screen?! How dare your thoughts! But really, it’s a heart thing.

Out walking, a group of monks were practicing monastic silence, and mindfulness—being aware. Approaching a muddy watery bridge, they came upon a young woman dressed in a kimono, hesitant to cross over. So, one of the monks picked her up and carried her across.

Four hours later, one of the other monks broke his silence with, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“What?” asked the monk.

“You know we’re not to touch women.”

“Are you still carrying her? I put her down 4 hours ago.”

By dwelling in the past for 4 hours, mentally ruminating the compassionate monk’s action, the judgmental monk not only sacrificed his peace and joy, but also the afforded delights along the way.

AFFIRM: “I am a conduit of forgiveness. My gift is love.”