Love Is Energy

I keep harping on the importance of thoughts; reason being that research varies about mental processing for “advertising message retention.”

To positively influence the purchase of a brand/product (in my case, an idea, a thought) some say that “viewers” will forget a message unless it’s often (up to 20 times) repeated.

So, I’m “reiterating” for your health: love. Let judgment go! Holding on to past offenses wrecks havoc on mental AND physical health.

While innocently going about your daily routine, is it not rude for the memory of another’s past action, word, or “imagined offense” to menacingly pop up on your mental screen?! How dare your thoughts! But really, it’s a heart thing.

Out walking, a group of monks were practicing monastic silence, and mindfulness—being aware. Approaching a muddy watery bridge, they came upon a young woman dressed in a kimono, hesitant to cross over. So, one of the monks picked her up and carried her across.

Four hours later, one of the other monks broke his silence with, “You shouldn’t have done that.”

“What?” asked the monk.

“You know we’re not to touch women.”

“Are you still carrying her? I put her down 4 hours ago.”

By dwelling in the past for 4 hours, mentally ruminating the compassionate monk’s action, the judgmental monk not only sacrificed his peace and joy, but also the afforded delights along the way.

AFFIRM: “I am a conduit of forgiveness. My gift is love.”


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