Life and Crossword Puzzles

Are you stuck with no idea of what to do. No clue for your next move?

I think life is much like a crossword puzzle. Specific to each of us amidst the game, God designed a list of tasks. Our tasks intersect with other player’s “list of tasks,” like the “Across” and “Down.” At the juncture/square where we figure out the vertical and horizontal clues, with satisfaction we move on to the next task…as we do in the seasons of our lives.

I’m a BIG fan of crossword puzzles and always have a book nearby! Crossword puzzles entertain and exercise the brain. Whether easy or difficult, over time, they strengthen intellect, improve problem-solving skills, concentration, and memory, with the serendipitous benefit of increasing vocabulary and conversation skills. Hmmm.

If communication is a key to success in life then, these communication skills “cross” over with customers, fellow workers, managers, and loved ones to figure out, work through, and complete designated tasks.

When conscientiously reaching for the answers to life’s clues, satisfaction is inevitable…oh, and yeah: frustration is also an inevitability.

Like the frustration of uncompleted tasks/unfilled-in squares that lead to dead ends with no solutions, error is a fact of life.  All you can do is: learn from it, let it go, and start anew each day. (Lamentations 3:22-23)

AFFIRM: “My happiness is built upon The Rock. No one, or anything, can interfere. Great is His faithfulness.”

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