Hurt Verses Pain

As I was peeling the dried, flakey skin from an onion, I thought of its similarities to our life experiences.

In adulthood, we tend to nonchalantly peel away and heedlessly disregard recurring emotional episodes. Because it’s just the way things are, they’re predictable (by us and those around us) and accepted as routine. We fail to question why we, or they, repeatedly flake out! If a sliced onion regrew dehydrated skin overnight, wouldn’t you wonder?! And, if you think about it, it’s not until you pull off the silicone-like protective under skin and slice into the onion’s crisp flesh that its fresh juices flow…as do your tears.

Unless we wake up and consciously seek the sources of our “inflammatory” buttons, we’ll keep sloughing random emotions, never realizing the deep unconscious pains being triggered.

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One thought on “Hurt Verses Pain

  1. Enjoyed your blog. I happened across it tonight. You’ve made me smile and laugh! I appreciate your observations, sense of humor and love of life. How you communicate what you’ve learned from your life’ s experiences, good, bad, and hilarious, is warming my heart. Thanks for sharing!

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