Wheelchair Combat

In its 10th year, I’m highlighting the best SCI site ever: Apparelyzed! (I have it listed under my Blogroll as “SCI Specific,” and its link will always be included in my Wednesday Weekly newsletter, “Chariot Notes.” A click will take you there.) With its 19,000+ worldwide membership, every nationality, religion or not, profession, orientation, and mentality is represented in its diversity. Simon, the creator and mastermind, ROCKS and rolls, like the rest of us.

I am a fairly new member. If you, a family member or friend have any type spinal cord injury (SCI), you will want to take a look at its offerings: varied forums to exchange pertinent aspects of SCI, personal discussions on the emotional and physical frustrations of living with a SCI, current research for a cure, explanations/definitions of SCI involvement, and just an understanding place to vent. You can also send private messages to other members or go to the chat room. It’s free and moderated daily.

I have met a lot of talented writers and bloggers there. Along with a few member’s blogs, today’s post is a short excerpt from Big D, a disturbed mind compiling his twisted-sci-fi-wheelchair-combat-post-epocalyptic-world-still-evolving short story. Brace yourself!

“Due to globalization and a deadly contagion that quickly spread out of control, billions of humans have died, and earth is now a post-apocalyptic wasteland. Very few humans are left, and the ones that are have been afflicted with a spinal virus that paralyzes anywhere from the neck down. The only remaining humans are all in wheelchairs. Some are paras, some are quads, and resources are scarce.

These survivors exist in two different colonies, and war has begun using power chairs equipped with treads and machine guns…sip and puff missile launchers…armored chairs and Kevlar backrests…wheels with flamethrowers on them…handicap accessible fortresses, and towers with elevators…suicide bombing service dogs…catheter rations…oxycodone by the thousands…electric chairs for torture/interrogation…gillie chairs for camouflage with sniper rifles attached to the side guards; an evolving breed of wheelchair ninjas.”

Aren’t you glad to be alive NOW! Can you imagine these futuristic encampments with turbo-boosted wheelchair convoys lead by Terminator, Ironman, Rambo, and GI Jane? Get me out of there; unless they’re protecting me!

What a concept! What an imagination!

Here are a few varied-themed blogs from the APPARELYZED site:

http://www.basketcasecomix.com  Kelly’s comics/art

http://joesstone.blogsport.com/ Joe’s active activities

http://www.rollingphotography.us Doug’s amazing photography

http://www.shakacost…aptive-surfing/ surfing camp in Costa Rico for disabled children

http://shootingwithstillfingers.blogspot.com/ ocean lover’s musings

tingletetra.blogspot.co.uk  Her perspectives on SCI

http://vjm1980.blogspot.com/?m=1 Vicky’s quirky ramblings on life with a SCI

Take a click.

P.S. In next Friday’s post “Conditional Pause,” I’ll catch you up on my AWOL.




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