AWOL for a bit

I’m preoccupied with W-A-Y overdue SCI physical examinations and pressure mapping for the best cushion and wheelchair for whatever ails me, as well as getting this website completed. Minimally, I got it up-and-running for weekly posts; now, I’m putting on the finishing touches for you.
I may be silent for a bit, but will be back with a nibble from a crazy friend’s sci-fi novel of a wheelchair revolution, along with a few other blogs you may enjoy!
For now, click around my musings for something that interests you, and tell me what you’re thinking.
Let’s talk.



  1. I am the lady from NorthStar EMS you spoke with today and I so enjoyed our conversation. I realize you are AWOL for a while but you inspired me today. I encounter people on a regular basis who are or have been faced with traumatic and life altering events in their lives and I will certainly recommend your book. Chariots come in all forms. I needed our talk today. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Carolyn! You found a way to get me over a hump (broken, protruding cocccyx), literally 🙂 The world is blessed to have people like you in it.
      And, thanks for the referral.
      I’ll be in touch.

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