Intuition Verses Instinct

Since college, I’ve loved anatomy and physiology. And, most of the time, when going into antique shops with my mother, I came out with a book on the brain…I MEAN: I didn’t walk out with a book on my head! It would be a book written about the brain.  (Where’s interpretation check when I’m ambiguous?!)At the time, I thought I would be a brain surgeon but, as I wised up to the dedicated years required in medical school, I became a speech and language pathologist instead. Of course, this kept me in my briar patch with the neurological impact of birth defects, illnesses, and accidents. My interest continues.

Let’s face it: there is nothing that compares to the human brain! This little three-pound organ controls the functions of our body, is associated with human intelligence and emotions—the very essence of our mind and soul—and interprets information around us. But, that’s only three (physical, mental, emotional) of the four levels of our human existence.

So much emphasis is placed on getting an education, establishing an occupation, and building social connections as the means to prosperity and happiness that we’ve forgotten the basics: we’re spirits housed within a physical form…but NOT CONFINED TO IT.

We tend to rely on our minds to interpret our physical, mental, emotional, AND spiritual health. We make visceral conclusions from visual and verbal clues (often) distorted through the lens of assumption, presumption, and personal prejudice.

In the absence of proof, we “assume” something is true.

Despite our misconceptions, we “presume” our beliefs are irrefutable.

And, well, “prejudice” is just ignorance—one-sided, biased non-objectivity. In contrast, the animal kingdom survives, and thrives, by instinct–innate knowing.

To my way of thinking, “animal instinct” is analogous to human intuition. So, if animal instinct is inherent, isn’t human intuition?  Then, where is intuition? What has happened to our “sixth sense?”

I don’t believe intuition is a passive gene lost in our evolution. I believe it’s the heartbeat of our spirit. When unexercised, our spirit-muscle atrophies.

So, what is intuition? What is spirit? And, what are exercises to strengthen your “spirit muscle?”

To be continued….

Write it into your calendar…or speak it into your Smartphone…or program an RSS feed…OR boost your brain power to remember. J

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