Let’s Get Together…

I post each Friday to stimulate thought for our conversations, and for you to know that as a fellow SCI, I know and understand your plight.

I recently added pictures, an ‘About Me’ page, information about my books (Views From My Chariot which is frozen for sales until its second edition is available, and HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU will be available mid to late April.), and, we’ve talked back-and-forth. This week, I’m adding a link for us to meet in person!

This is an excerpt from last week’s TV interview about me, my adjustment to SCI, and my books. It’s a little over two minutes long, so look fast!




  1. I shattered my heel on March 4th ( fell off a ladder) & looks like at least 10 weeks of no weight on the foot. Surgery was about 2 weeks ago & the six pieces are now screwed back into one.
    I know my is just a minor hikup in the road compared to all you have had. Sorry I have not prayed for you as much as I should have. Hope you are enjoying life and may God bless!

  2. Thanks, Cynthia. I was happy to be able to see the interview (or parts thereof). It reconfirms for me that you’re a special person. I look forward to having our relationship grow! Take care!

  3. I listened to your interview. Very interesting & inspiring. I will be checking your posts weekly now! Thanks for contacting me.

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