You’re Body Believes Your Thoughts

EVERYTHING can be changed by the thoughts we think.

Thought holds the power of transformation.

You aren’t your thoughts, but you become what you think of yourself.

“Spirit is All That Is, that which gives Life to Thought and Body.” – John Assaraf

Spirit being, what are you creating with your thoughts?

PHOTO QUOTE UNUSUAL Amazing brain 70000 thoughts a day

My witty, winsome, and colorful (yes, it’s written in color) guide to discover YOU and change our thinking….an excellent adventure! You will be pleasantly surprised and entertained with my non-clinical, drug-free research on myself. Toot, toot!

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Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Okay people, disabled or able-bodied: everything changes with time.  Some of us are forced into a physical chrysalis before we’re psychologically ready. However, there should be a mental and spiritual evolution in everyone’s life.

Change is a constant. Right? IF NOT, this is what SEEMS to happen: people and things around us change. Nothing was like it was before. Life isn’t what you expected. Nothing makes sense! AND, nothing will improve or change…until your thinking changes.

Photo cat time changes shape

Learn a lesson from yellow tabby: life will be VERY uncomfortable if you keep trying to fit into past habits, habitats, and hobbies. It’s time to think out-of-the-box/basket.


Hurt Verses Pain

As I was peeling the dried, flakey skin from an onion, I thought of its similarities to our life experiences.

In adulthood, we tend to nonchalantly peel away and heedlessly disregard recurring emotional episodes. Because “it’s just the way things are,” they’re predictable (by us and those around us) and accepted as routine. Do we question why we, or they, repeatedly flake out? If a sliced onion regrew dehydrated skin overnight, wouldn’t you wonder?! And, if you think about it, it’s not until you pull off the silicone-like protective under skin and slice into the onion’s crisp flesh that its fresh juices flow…as do your tears.

Wake up and consciously seek the sources of “inflammatory” buttons. Sloughing “random emotions” require sloughing…and re-sloughing until the deep unconscious pains being triggered are remembered, loved, and transformed into wellness.

Photo Don't let problems go til they bless you Jacob wrestling the angel

Thoughts of Change

Quote Success relearnRecently, my sister posed the question: “What brings you alive?” which made me think:

Before my chariot, discovery was my high. It was one of adventure’s draws: exploring hidden paths, and back roads; climbing trees, rooftops, and to the top of a mast; lying upon the earth pondering the heavens; studying world maps. But, after considering her question, I don’t think that what enervates me has really changed. It used to be by physical dexterity; now, it’s through imagination and thinking skills.

I come alive when faced with a quandary—a need to “discover” a solution. I light up with each “aha:” a new idea…thinking outside of the box.

Whether faced with a barrier (or, simply, figuring out how to safely clean up shattered glass from a dropped bowl), writing, decorating, repurposing, for myself and others…whatever, I come alive when faced with a problem. That’s adventure! J

For this upcoming New Year of 2015, join with me in discovering contentment. YES! Contentment.

Happiness is an inside job. It’s a bi-product of fulfillment, and fulfillment is in your hands. Not in your spouse, your children, your youth…job…achievement…but in the realization that you are the current to “aliveness,” your life rhythm.

The body’s melody is reflective of its thoughts, whose frequency determines its health. You’re the note determining the duration (endurance) and pitch (atmospheric attitude) of events for the beat of your life.

Maybe music isn’t your language. Does gardening speak to you? What have you cultivated? Paradise lost or paradise found?

Weeds of discontent require pulling. Floods of self-indulgence need irrigating. The infested, stagnant pool of unforgiveness needs unclogging.

Refresh gloomy thoughts with winds of change!

“Mindfully,” choose life!

HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU is my book on ‘how-to’ rediscover your heart and change your stinkin’ thinkin’ in order to find happiness. It’s an elementary outline to simplify needful changes. You can order it off amazon or here:



Conversations With God

Photo Quote Prayer conversations w God“I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” – Genesis 12:3

It’s rather clear that we’re not only to “bless” the physical nation of Israel, but also all Jews. God promised to bless anyone who blesses Israel. And, concerning celebrations, He didn’t elaborate about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even Easter. Doesn’t it stand to reason that in order to understand the earth’s timetable, we should understand the Hebraic festivals? I’m surely no expert, but I know that Rosh Hashanah began Wednesday.

The purpose of Rosh Hashanah is to make God our King. The shofar blast, proclaiming that God is King, is symbolic of the King’s coronation. He created the worlds, guides history and every being. But, is He your King?

Referring to yesterday’s topic, if we don’t have a ready supply of oil—Jesus—then, there is something missing in our obedience, love, and loyalty to The King. How can we reflect, much less communicate to others, His all-importance in our life?

If you’re wondering, maybe a conversation with God is overdue.

Live in Color

“You’ve got to give a little, take a little,
and let your poor heart break a little,
That’s the story of, that’s the glory of love.—“The Glory of Love”

Until we get it down, sometimes love hurts. Sometimes, it causes heartbreak. But, it’s no reason to stop loving. Love expresses itself in a rainbow of colors. Remember: you’re a masterpiece in progress.

Painting your masterpiece can be messy. But, don’t be afraid of making errors—“coloring outside the lines.” Running paint, drip marks, and scattered splashes  have taken on a whole new expression lately. Express your individuality. Throw all the colorful experiences you can on your life canvas!

The fear of heart ache and the regret of not loving are equally devastating. It wastes a life, and fades your canvas, worse than having loved and lost.

At all risk, waste your love. Live out loud, in fantastic color!

AFFIRM: “Even when broken, I AM whole. My days are beautiful. I live a colorful, abundant life. I AM His loving, resplendent masterpiece.”

Heart Renovation

My sister, Candace, had to make the humane decision to euthanize her canine soul mate, Ella, a while back. (And, more recently, Moses from FeLV complications.)

Of course, I’d been privy to Ella’s mental decline and health issues, and had prayed as if her furry children were mine.

On that day, Candace had stopped in to drop off some plants, and to water some of my thirsty others. But, before picking up last-hope medications from her vet, she went home to check on Ella. As she left, I wondered what condition she would find Ella.

Within a couple of hours, I received the call, and her Facebook posting, that Ella had gone to her Creator.

As I was crying for her, her lose, her heart ache, my thoughts went back to my own loss: over a year ago, I had to make that decision for my almost 22-year-old feline soul mate, Cĭātĭ. I had cried and talked to Cĭātĭ about its inevitability for over 6 months.

Aside from Candace and Madeleine, I didn’t tell anyone. I grieved alone and cried in private. But, as I read her FB friend’s condolences, I became more aware of a room needing expansion—my heart—again. It seems that the more walls I break down, the more light is cast on where else I have “room to grow.”

PHOTO Heart rennovation

If you’ve read my books, are a follower of my daily Facebook “Cyndex”es, or my weekly blog “Conversationswithcynthia,” you’re aware that I share the gleanings from my life choices. Some are wise. Some, witty; others woeful. Hopefully, they’ll prevent you from taking the same wrong turns. Here’s another:

Wearing an open heart is a two-edged sword. Yes, you will feel the thorns, but you won’t bleed alone. Don’t suffer in silence! Express your emotional vulnerability.

Not expressing emotions isn’t strong, admirable, or healthy. It comes from a misinformed belief—habit of mind—that emotions are senseless, that you’re unimportant, an inconvenience, or an accident…maybe, from shame.

I’m still learning to trust others, to share my heart hurts. I’m also learning that being vulnerable is a reciprocal blessing: it allows others to share the stab of pathos, and blesses you to know they care. It’s heart-enlarging.

Does yours need expansion?

Think Healthy Thoughts

For me, minoring in psychology was like a baby rocking on its stomach to strengthen its back muscles to walk. It was my foundation for counseling, something I see as strengthening others (myself included) to “walk” into wholeness. Becoming a certified counselor through Elijah House gave me the tools for transformationvisualization, going back to childhood (even back to the womb) to discover root problems, in order to make changes in the present.

BUT, the eyes can’t see what the heart can’t hear. I wasn’t totally there. Gracious Holy Spirit continued to illumine my darkness.

A few years after my certification, I read Dr. Thomas Verny’s book, The Secret Life of the Unborn Child. Epiphanies sparked. This was after I had released the hope of motherhood. Previously, I had re-married to have children. At forty, there was a trauma that caused premature menopause.

God chose to stubble burn that field, and replant. Then, my mind was fertile to conceive God’s idea for my healing. Dr. Verny gave me a vocabulary for my, until then, unconscious perceptions.

You know that I don’t apologize for my unconventional avenues in seeking God and wholeness. So, anything I say that ruffles your spiritual beliefs, just place them on a shelf for future reference. This has been my habit for years. Time and again, I take to blowing dust off a few. This is one of those:

With my permission, a counselor took a walk through my spirit. (He is the only person I know gifted in doing this!) It’s sort of like a guided tour. Holy Spirit showed him what I needed to know about my spirit and heart, at that time.

There are some things he saw that I still don’t understand. But, one thing he saw, or didn’t see, has been the path of God’s breadcrumbs. He couldn’t find my heart. Nope. He couldn’t find it. That was around fifteen years ago.

Thus far, there’s been a lot of demolition. I had locked my heart behind so many doors with fortified walls that even I couldn’t find it. That’s why I said Dr. Verny gave me a vocabulary for my…“unconscious perceptions:” beliefs I formed from my mother’s thoughts, insecurities, and fears…while I was in her womb.

Know that your thoughts create your reality. Their energy draws the experiences to you.

If you’re scratching your head, if this sounds “far-out,” Karol K. Truman’s Feelings BURIED ALIVE NEVER DIE…is the “TREK” for you. It’s a book illumining why feelings trigger our choices and behavior, moment to moment, day to day, year after year.

The first step is grasping your diagnosis of unconsciousness. Severity varies from person to person. A lifetime of unawareness, suppression, and denial affects us all, as does a closed heart.

When writing HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU , it was through the veil of my, then, present consciousness. Ever’ so often, I pick it up to reference something I’ve forgotten. Only a year after publishing it, I’m amazed at where I was headed—to my present consciousness, light years away from then. Before the above books, I think it can offer you a place to start.

The good news: You don’t have to wonder why you don’t see the forest for the trees, just look for green. You’ll find your path. Remember: green is the color for new beginnings, life, and love.

Bamboo can grow ninety-eight inches in 24 hours! God is a God of miracles.

Bamboo Forrest in Japan

Bamboo Forrest in Japan

AFFIRM: “God of creation, Your Divine plan in my life is speeded up under grace.”

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter, But the glory of kings is to search out a matter.” Proverbs 25:2 (NAS)

Share and Share Alike

First, I must apologize to my newsletter subscribers. Wednesday was my first “forget.” Please forgive me for a “Chariot Notes” no-show! It WILL be in your mail next Wednesday.

Lately, I’ve read articles on communal civilizations, where money had no value, no one bartered for services, and there was no societal hierarchy—no one “lording” over another. There were no egos.

One or two families tended the land, planted the crops, and harvested its produce. For instance: if it was rice, someone else’s job was storing and cooking it; another person ground it into mill for bread; someone else prepared the bread.

The fishermen fished the streams and lakes. The shepherds cared for the sheep. The shearers sheared. The fleecers prepared the fleece into yarn, then, the yarn was spun, and knitted into clothing.

Vegetables and fruit were the same. Those living in the fields, gardens, and orchards tended, picked, and prepared its produce. The same went for maintaining and directing the water supply for irrigation, drinking, cooking, and hygiene. Each occupation was passed down through the generations.

“For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, that if any would not work, neither should he eat.” 2 Thessalonians 3:10 (KJV)

These weren’t responcibilities. Each member of the village/tribe considered it their sacred rite to the circle of life…so that they could live. What was of value was each member’s contribution to the community. The shepherds ate from the land and wore the clothes, just as the clothiers drank the milk and ate the cheese from the sheep.

No one was homeless, hungry, or naked.

There was no delinquency; no crime; no competition; no stress.

There was no need for banks, government handouts, counseling centers, fitness gyms, farmer’s markets, restaurants, civic centers.

Rural life wasn’t easy, but everyone shared everything. Everything, and everyone, was safe.

What would you say was the common denominator for such peaceful coexistence?


photo anthropologist African tribe

Here’s the heartwarming result of such harmony:

An anthropologist proposed a game to the kids in an African tribe. He put a basket full of fruit near a tree and told the kids that whoever got there first won the sweet fruits.

When he told them to run, they all took each other’s hands and ran together, then sat together enjoying their treats.

When he asked them why they had run like that, as one could have had all the fruits for himself, they said:

”UBUNTU, how can one of us be happy if all the other ones are sad?”

‘UBUNTU’ in the Xhosa culture means: “I am because we are”

It sounds like God’s original plan, don’t you think?

Be A Friend to Yourself

Did you know that in fetal development the heart forms and starts beating BEFORE the brain is developed?

And, did you know that the heart sends more signals to the brain than the brain sends to the heart? Hmmm.

If you’re wound tight trying to stay in control of minutia, pause, close your eyes, take a long deep breath, and slowly exhale. Listen for and feel your heart.

Say, “Thank you.”

the connection

the connection