You’re NOT alone!

Feeling lonely, unseen, forgotten? At some time or other, each one of us tunes in to a mix of the blues.

“I don’t have Nobody…Nobody lo-oves me (singing electric guitar)…I’m so-o-o alone, it’s so hard to be a-lo-on (warbling harmonica)…I n-e-e-d (screaming guitar) Somebody…”

Enough already! You’ve felt alone. Listen to this:

Believing Isreal’s gods were gods of the hills and not of the plains (because the vagabond Isrealites lived, hid, and thrived in the mountainous terrain), Syrian King Ben-Adad planned a sure-fired victorious attack on the children of Isreal in the plains of Aphek.

I LOVE this David and Goliath analogy: “Now the children of Isreal camped before them like two little flocks of goats, while the Syrians filled the countryside.” I Kings 20:27

In that one day of battle, the children of Isreal (“the two little flocks”) killed 100,000 foot soldiers (that “filled the countryside”). The remaining 27,000 that fled to Aphek, were killed by a falling wall!

Photo heart cloudHe that never slumbers nor sleeps (Psalms 121:4) has His eyes upon the just (Psalms 34:15) to give you hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

You’re never alone.



Jesus, JESUS, Deliver Me!

If you know me, read my FB postings, or follow my weekly “Conversations with Cynthia,” you know I love spice…as in spicy food. Nothing delights me more than my taste buds being kissed by cinnamon, cumin, curry, turmeric, pepper–black, cayenne, Jamaican Bird, Szechwan, white (excellent on soft-boiled eggs with orange juice), jalapeños, Tabasco, Wasabi, even hot paprika!

AND, if you know or have experienced, or don’t know and haven’t experienced, “Mild” and “Hot” labels are relative to your sensational sensibilities. Whether it’s pickled asparagus, beets, garlic, jalapeño, okra, string beans, what-have-you, I’m an expert. (If you’re interested, email me for the hottest of “Hot” brands.)

If you’re a spicy-heat virgin: “Cayenne pepper (or capsicum as it’s sometimes referred to) is rated typically anywhere from 30,000 to 190,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) on the Scoville Rating Scale…based on sensory perception and human subjectivity.”

DAH! What else determines hot but “sensory perception and human subjectivity?!

Well, I’ve experienced a new high in sensory perception! I now know, EXPERIENTIALLY, what the cartoon artist/creator knew. On a sensory scale, it reminded me of the first time my optometrist dripped numbing eye drops in my eyes. I “felt” the roundness of my eyeballs! Have you ever?!

AND, when I swallowed a Szechwan pepper! Speechless doesn’t describe it. Heat billowed out my ears, I PROMISE, PHOTO smoke out ears from spicy food

after licking my cayenne pepper bottle to clean it off (and not to waste any), from the spaghetti sauce I dropped it into. I could feel the anatomy of my semi-circular canals…for some twenty minutes later!

Jesus…Jesus…dear JESUS, PLEASE, deliver me!

Emotional Wholeness Effects Physical Health

I’ve written 2 books (click their images for previews/purchase) of my journey to emotional wholeness. I w-a-s a blend of Elsa and Olaf! But, since I’ve ramped up my avenues for wholeness, it truly is a wonderful life! I’m not certain I would have appreciated it without the bumps-in-the-night.

The emphasis in my walking years was my body: its natural athletic abilities and its appearance. I was a model and beauty pageant wins paid for college tuition. But, after my spinal cord injury, I wouldn’t look at my reflection in full mirrors, glass doors, and windows. It was part of my denial.

IF ONLY we can see our body as God views it! He loves our flesh. Remember, He created it as a container for, and means to, spirit. On this side of eternity, our body IS God’s grace by which to learn and know Him. Shouldn’t we?

The irony: our body houses, and reflects, who we believe we are and how we feel about others.

Thanks but NO THANKS! I will not bring illness and inadequacy upon myself.

PHOTO How Emotions harm you

If you’re interested in learning about coming into a place of wholeness using natural healing methods for your mind, body, and spirit, email me with your inquiry at


PHOTO He IS Risen dove

Taking communion, I imagine the intense grief Jesus’ mother must have experienced…watching her son ripped apart within one lash of death…dripping blood and sweat as He drug the cross upon his lacerated body to Golgotha…withstanding the excruciating piercings of four stakes, intensified by the countless reverberations of hammer to nail…and, watching helplessly as the cross was raised. Considering her knowledge that Roman crucifixion was the cruelest of pain, she must have prayed for God to have mercy and hasten his death. I would have.

But, have you ever wondered why Jesus never cried out in pain for help to endure? Because He had already had that conversation in Gethsemane. (Matthew 26:36-39) And, unless He had had a change of heart, He knew He couldn’t cry out for rescue…a flight of angels would have instantly been there to do so.

So, He was silent, except for the anguish over His Father turning His back on Him: “Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani?” (Matthew 27:46) It was the first and only time in all eternity that He was separated from His Heavenly Father…for you, and for me.

As you break bread, might you remind God of each wound Jesus suffered, and claim its healing: the crown of thorns for His mental clarity, to hear His direction, to know His will, and to receive Holy inspiration (mental/psychological/spiritual healing); the stripes on His back for physical healing; the sword wound under His heart to receive emotional healing of yours; the stake piercings in His hands that the work of your hands (your efforts) are guided and blessed; the stake piercings in His feet that He lights and directs your path (destiny/purpose). And, as you partake of the communion wine/juice, remember His blood sacrifice for the forgiveness of your sins.

“At the time of His death, as Jesus became the atonement for human sin, the holy veil was ripped in the temple (Matt 27:50-51), giving us access to God.

“But on a hill far away a Lamb-turned-Lion descended into this death camp through the portal of Golgotha. Crashing through the gates of hell, He met the dark prince in the mother of all battles. With three spikes and a thorny crown, the Captain of the Host conquered the devil. . .

For with His blood the Holy One of Radiance purchased rotten, ragged sinners and recreated us into His righteous reigning saints!”-Abhesik Rai with YWAM

CONFESS: “Thank you, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, that You were thinking of me at Golgotha. I AM healed, whole, forgiven, redeemed, lead, and sanctified in You, Jesus. I AM victorious!”

Here’s a graphic reminder with scenes from “The Passion of The Christ” to the background of “Mary did you know?”

Happy Valentine’s Day–XOXO

Photobook Happy ValentinesDayHAPPY VALENTINES!

I wonder: Are the words “I love you” used more on Valentine’s Day than any other day? Maybe. But with internet acronyms and abbreviations taking over, I doubt it.

In our impatience, just to save a second or two, we do some crazy things…like instead of writing “I love you,” we sign off with “XOXO.” I can see how an “O” resembles an embrace, a hug; but, HOW did the letter “X” become associated with a kiss?!

It originated from a medieval practice. For those who couldn’t write, there was the allowance to sign their name using an “X,” performed in front of a witness. After signing, the signee kissed the “X” to show their sincerity. As a kiss symbol at the end of a letter, it has become synonymous with ‘sealed with a kiss.’     

X is also the Greek letter “chi,” the first letter in the word Χριστός. Are you ready? Χριστός means “Christ.” It’s been thought that it might have been a pledge in the name of Christ.

 “…there’s nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

FYI: Roman numerals, letters used to represent values, were used in ancient Rome; and, BC, “Before Christ.”


Intuition Verses Instinct

Since college, I’ve loved anatomy and physiology. And, most of the time, when going into antique shops with my mother, I came out with a book on the brain…I MEAN: I didn’t walk out with a book on my head! It would be a book written about the brain.  (Where’s interpretation check when I’m ambiguous?!)At the time, I thought I would be a brain surgeon but, as I wised up to the dedicated years required in medical school, I became a speech and language pathologist instead. Of course, this kept me in my briar patch with the neurological impact of birth defects, illnesses, and accidents. My interest continues.

Let’s face it: there is nothing that compares to the human brain! This little three-pound organ controls the functions of our body, is associated with human intelligence and emotions—the very essence of our mind and soul—and interprets information around us. But, that’s only three (physical, mental, emotional) of the four levels of our human existence.

So much emphasis is placed on getting an education, establishing an occupation, and building social connections as the means to prosperity and happiness that we’ve forgotten the basics: we’re spirits housed within a physical form…but NOT CONFINED TO IT.

We tend to rely on our minds to interpret our physical, mental, emotional, AND spiritual health. We make visceral conclusions from visual and verbal clues (often) distorted through the lens of assumption, presumption, and personal prejudice.

In the absence of proof, we “assume” something is true.

Despite our misconceptions, we “presume” our beliefs are irrefutable.

And, well, “prejudice” is just ignorance—one-sided, biased non-objectivity. In contrast, the animal kingdom survives, and thrives, by instinct–innate knowing.

To my way of thinking, “animal instinct” is analogous to human intuition. So, if animal instinct is inherent, isn’t human intuition?  Then, where is intuition? What has happened to our “sixth sense?”

I don’t believe intuition is a passive gene lost in our evolution. I believe it’s the heartbeat of our spirit. When unexercised, our spirit-muscle atrophies.

So, what is intuition? What is spirit? And, what are exercises to strengthen your “spirit muscle?”

To be continued….

Write it into your calendar…or speak it into your Smartphone…or program an RSS feed…OR boost your brain power to remember. J

(You can also find brain exercises, and much more, HERE

A New Song

This video made me think of how God uses, and orchestrates, various situations in our lives to bring out a unique melody, as with this carrot: 


“Shredding” outer layers can be uncomfortable, but necessary, to reshape our direction.

Removing mental and physical “blocks” gets us unstuck to channel winds of change; although, sometimes, doesn’t it feel like getting drilled at both ends?!

When we allow and embrace change, it “opens” windows of opportunity. No fear. The unknown is usually less painful than our trepidation of it).

Then, in His hands and by His orchestration of “key” events, we resound with song. Our lives are renewed!

“He put a new song in my mouth, praise to our God! Many will watch and be in awe, and they will place their trust in the LORD.” Psalm 40:3 (ISV)

With each new day, declare His faithfulness…

PROFESS: “I AM an instrument of praise. My life will exalt Him. My lips will praise Them. I AM a blessing to man and Earth. I CHOOSE His change in all that I am.”

God’s Glasses

Research has proven that the brain sends emotional “data” to the heart, not vice-versa. You can also bet your chips that the heart is the seat of attitude. As adults, we’ve learned to camouflage these “attitudes,” but the expression on a child’s face is a ready give-away of theirs.

I’ve watched children lie with a straight face, and even toddlers (with undeveloped verbal language) expressively shake their head ‘no’ in answer to a who-dune-it inquiry. It made me wonder: “How did he/she comprehend such an abstract maneuver to deflect blame, to avoid punishment?! Obviously, it doesn’t take practice; in a split second, we make this truth-or-consequence choice to fess-up and face it, or to lie and live in limbo.

By facing the truth, we choose to walk in the light. By lying, we’re forced into hiding. Deception casts a shadow of fear (of being found out), and its guilt pierces our heart. Guilt holds us back from spontaneous walks in the Son, worship, and prayer. 

Yes: “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?” Jeremiah 17:9 (KJV)

Yes: we will find ourselves guilty of many deceptions before we meet our Maker.

Yes: we will shy away from communion because of our sin.

Although all of the above are true, we should not sin! But thankfully, our God is an awesome God and sees us through the red-tinted glasses of redemptive blood. I quote Jim Croft’s perspective on this:

“In my estimation, one of the most encouraging passages that affirms answers to prayer is 1 John 3:16-23. It reveals that the condemnation of heart that prevents people from confidently making prayer requests in faith of positive outcome is overruled by God himself. The inference is that if our hearts condemn us, that God is greater than our hearts. His magnanimity of heart overrules and nullifies any condemnation within our hearts so that we can pray with full expectation of reward. The qualifier for this is not obedience to an endless list of biblical and self-inflicted religious regulations. All that we need do is believe on the name of Jesus and love our fellow Christians. You know in your inmost knower that you consistently meet that qualification in all circumstance. God is greater than your heart and invites you to pray for whatsoever you desire with expectant faith.”


AFFIRM: “O Lord, Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalm 119:105 NAS) By Your Word, I am redeemed. I am forgiven. I AM blessed. I choose the path of Truth.”

Conversations With God

Photo Quote Prayer conversations w God“I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you; And in you all the families of the earth shall be blessed.” – Genesis 12:3

It’s rather clear that we’re not only to “bless” the physical nation of Israel, but also all Jews. God promised to bless anyone who blesses Israel. And, concerning celebrations, He didn’t elaborate about Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or even Easter. Doesn’t it stand to reason that in order to understand the earth’s timetable, we should understand the Hebraic festivals? I’m surely no expert, but I know that Rosh Hashanah began Wednesday.

The purpose of Rosh Hashanah is to make God our King. The shofar blast, proclaiming that God is King, is symbolic of the King’s coronation. He created the worlds, guides history and every being. But, is He your King?

Referring to yesterday’s topic, if we don’t have a ready supply of oil—Jesus—then, there is something missing in our obedience, love, and loyalty to The King. How can we reflect, much less communicate to others, His all-importance in our life?

If you’re wondering, maybe a conversation with God is overdue.

Choice or Chance?

What woulda’ been, coulda’ been, isn’t what is. It’s useless. It’s defeatist.

Thoughts come, and they go. Which ones we listen to, entertain with imaginings, or believe is, way too often, a conscious choice we make subconsciously…because we’re not “listening” to our thoughts! (For how to take your thoughts captive, you can purchase HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU here

Thoughts are deviously coercive.

“coerce: to restrain or dominate by force; to compel to an act or choice; to achieve by force or threat.” ( Hmmm.

Do your thoughts “restrain” you with reluctance and procrastination? Do they “compel” you with competition and impulsivity? Or, do they “threaten” you with fear or envy?QUOTE I am who I am today Eleanor Roosevelt

What thoughts are dictating your actions?

Which actions determine your choices?

Be proactive. Choose with a joyful, faith-filled heart.

Today is a new day!

“The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases; his mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; great is your faithfulness.” Lamentations 3:22-23m (ESV)