Though I am a specimen of perfect health, I understand aches, pains, and dis-ease are signals—emotional calls—to change something. These body signals can be translated and understood. Through “Sacred Body Language Translations,” I am understanding and translating my body’s “calls.” Through life upgrade coaching (to begin yours, click “Let’s Talk” on my Home or Let’s Talk pages) and Meta BE, I am being resurrected back to my wholeness.

“resurrect: restore (a dead person) to life; revive the practice, use, or memory of (something); bring new vigor to.” –

“Meta Body Electronics is based on the concept that your body is electromagnetic energy. This energy can become crystallized [within the physical body structure] when experiences are resisted and suppressed and remain unresolved and hidden from your consciousness, yet ever active broadcasting and repeating the limitation.” ~Robert Tennyson Stevens

Through Mastery Systems Meta Body Electronics, using sustained contact with these crystalized (suppressed) memories, the memories can be raised into our consciousness.

I remember I empower/help/heal myself first. “Physician, heal thyself.” (Luke 4: 23)

Through Robert Tennyson Stevens’ Mastery Systems University, the charge of Ephesians 5: 14 is NOW my reality.       “…Awake, you who sleep, and arise from among the dead and The Messiah will illuminate you.” I extend the invitation to you.

Awake and arise! BE RESURRECTED!

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