Jesus, JESUS, Deliver Me!

If you know me, read my FB postings, or follow my weekly “Conversations with Cynthia,” you know I love spice…as in spicy food. Nothing delights me more than my taste buds being kissed by cinnamon, cumin, curry, turmeric, pepper–black, cayenne, Jamaican Bird, Szechwan, white (excellent on soft-boiled eggs with orange juice), jalapeños, Tabasco, Wasabi, even hot paprika!

AND, if you know or have experienced, or don’t know and haven’t experienced, “Mild” and “Hot” labels are relative to your sensational sensibilities. Whether it’s pickled asparagus, beets, garlic, jalapeño, okra, string beans, what-have-you, I’m an expert. (If you’re interested, email me for the hottest of “Hot” brands.)

If you’re a spicy-heat virgin: “Cayenne pepper (or capsicum as it’s sometimes referred to) is rated typically anywhere from 30,000 to 190,000 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) on the Scoville Rating Scale…based on sensory perception and human subjectivity.”

DAH! What else determines hot but “sensory perception and human subjectivity?!

Well, I’ve experienced a new high in sensory perception! I now know, EXPERIENTIALLY, what the cartoon artist/creator knew. On a sensory scale, it reminded me of the first time my optometrist dripped numbing eye drops in my eyes. I “felt” the roundness of my eyeballs! Have you ever?!

AND, when I swallowed a Szechwan pepper! Speechless doesn’t describe it. Heat billowed out my ears, I PROMISE, PHOTO smoke out ears from spicy food

after licking my cayenne pepper bottle to clean it off (and not to waste any), from the spaghetti sauce I dropped it into. I could feel the anatomy of my semi-circular canals…for some twenty minutes later!

Jesus…Jesus…dear JESUS, PLEASE, deliver me!


  1. Everything I eat is spicy and is been that way as far back as I can remember, so I find this to be hilarious and relatable!!! Thanks for sharing!

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