Happy Valentine’s Day–XOXO

Photobook Happy ValentinesDayHAPPY VALENTINES!

I wonder: Are the words “I love you” used more on Valentine’s Day than any other day? Maybe. But with internet acronyms and abbreviations taking over, I doubt it.

In our impatience, just to save a second or two, we do some crazy things…like instead of writing “I love you,” we sign off with “XOXO.” I can see how an “O” resembles an embrace, a hug; but, HOW did the letter “X” become associated with a kiss?!

It originated from a medieval practice. For those who couldn’t write, there was the allowance to sign their name using an “X,” performed in front of a witness. After signing, the signee kissed the “X” to show their sincerity. As a kiss symbol at the end of a letter, it has become synonymous with ‘sealed with a kiss.’     

X is also the Greek letter “chi,” the first letter in the word Χριστός. Are you ready? Χριστός means “Christ.” It’s been thought that it might have been a pledge in the name of Christ.

 “…there’s nothing new under the sun.” Ecclesiastes 1:9

FYI: Roman numerals, letters used to represent values, were used in ancient Rome; and, BC, “Before Christ.”


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