It’s a Miracle, Really!

Recently, a writer/friend, Jim Croft, was encouraging us to: “Obey God by following your passion for ministry.” I ditto that! God’s heart (our passion/calling) will flow from our blessed niche.

One of my “flows” is when writing. As thoughts and concepts pour, it seems like there’s a different person in my head. Well, it sort of is…and isn’t, but I’m mindfully, prayerfully, transitioning into the whole, which is the point of this musing: to be all that I am, all of the time. To get there, I need to go to miracles. (You understand my trails, so mentally bookmark “to be all that I am, all of the time.”)

To me, a miracle is a perception.PHOTO ALIGN yourself with the LIGHT

“Perception: a capacity for comprehension…consciousness (obsolete)”

“Consciousness: the condition of being conscious…the normal state of being awake and able to understand what is happening around you”

We miss miracles, every day, because we’re preoccupied with the next thing, distracted from the present, “(un)able to understand what is happening around…;”unperceiving. But, when we’re actively “awake,” looking for them, here’s what can happen:

My regular hairstylist (across the street) was out of town, so I called another for a home visit. She was on vacation, but said she would be available to me on a certain day.

After our meet-and-greet, I instructed her to layer my hair in the back—to give volume to my flat back-of-the-head (my mother was really busy and didn’t remember, or didn’t know, to re-position my head during sleep in infancy). She informed me of her healing ministry, and with my permission, started laying her hands A-L-L over my head, feeling, praying, waiting.

For an hour, we ooh and aahed at God moving my skull. I could feel heat and tingling as it expanded, rounded, even smoothed out the bumpy 100-stitch boomerang scar—from the hairline of my right temple, up the temporal bone, around to the parietal and down 2-3 inches. (Since my wreck/SCI injury, I’ve had to part my hair on the left, so that my hair fullness would fall over/conceal the slight concave of my right parietal area.)

Prior to my calling her, she knew of my disability. Although she was on vacation, and doesn’t normally do house calls, she was awake to her ministry, and perceptive to God’s desire to pour out His love on me. She made herself available.

Back to me, “to be all that I am, all of the time.” Several times she cupped her hands around the upper sides of my head—the parietal lobes where words are transferred into thoughts (the mass of my scar). When she prayed for the correction of my faulty skull DNA, I asked for cellular repair!

In my July 2nd “Cyndex,” I confessed to disrupted synapses. Not only is my head now wonderfully round, but I’m also expecting fluidity in my expressions!!!

God LOVES to confound the “wise” with “foolish” things. (I Corinthians 1:27)

AFFIRM: “Lord, use me today. I’m available. Awaken my sleeping ears and slumbering spirit. My soul thirsts for You.”


  1. Cynthia, this miracle is fantastic and so moving!!! Praise God for you and for this lovely woman who was aware and open to being used of God. I would see more of her on a regular basis if I were you! There’s more where that came from! The Lord mystifies us with His power and love everyday and it humbles me to see these miracles! Thank you Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love you!

    1. Debra, I would see her on a bi-weekly basis if she’d make house calls; but, she made it clear when she returned my call that she’s too busy.
      Maybe she’ll change her mind, down the road. XO

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