Journey to Wholeness-Introduction

I’ve reigned from my chariot for 37 years (40 at this edit). It’s not a record, but it’s up there. In my Memoir, Views From My Chariot , I use what I’ve learned to encourage, educate, and inspire others in their walk with lots of humor, hope, and a section of howtos.

My follow-up book, HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU, is a creative, doable, howto be the best you, strewn with leads to discover, or recapture, your life’s purpose with passion and power to coddiwomple to your Bestdom. I finish with some tongue-in-cheek farcical facts, food fun, and playful puns.

In my “Color Me Red, Orange, and Yellow” chapter, I merely skimmed the surface of color’s influence on and importance to our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wholeness. In my “Journey to Wholeness” series, I will expound on these color’s influence of and importance to our true power system– our body’s energy centers or Chakras. I include how sound is therapeutic and offer alternative healing tips with Young Living EOs. I will also add a few of my life-upgrade coaching self-help tools for more self-empowerment..

If you’re thinking chakras sound “New Age,” in TRUTH, our energy center’s colors originated from “The Old Man” – Sam Eddy. God liked them so much, He displayed their ordered colors in His kiss of promise: the rainbow!

For clarity, I reiterate how I live my life and what I profess: I’m a conservative Christian with unconventional experiences with God; God with a capital “G.” I believe in the eternal existence of I Am (before anything was), Who IMAGINEERED and SPOKE into creation the expanse of the universes and us–“who live and move and have our BEing” (Acts 17:28). We are His Inspir-a-tion (“inspire” breathe into; “-tion” action or process of doing something), housed in a physical body–His pulsing well-spring of Life.

For awhile now, I’ve been involved with Young Living’s Essential oils and their benefits to my emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness, even for my cats. Thus said, I’m an investigative novice in body energy. I do know, ALL our life experiences are imprinted in our physical body systems and shout to us with attention-getting signs and dis-ease. Dis-ease, and those “buttons” we believe others push, are emotional memories knocking on the door of our consciousness. Awaiting our love and gratitude, they faithfully signal until we realize (see with real eyes) their message to transform our life. When all is well, awareness, health, wholeness, and vitality flow.

If your life purpose, direction, and vitality have waned or wearied, this series on empowerment is for you! It’s an invigorating B12 shot of health, hope, and wholeness!

(Normally, I keep my articles around 500-words, an easy-read. My second and third, the basis for my “Journey to Wholeness” series, will be longer.)

Until next week..


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