Journey to Wholeness (V) I WILL–Root Chakra

“There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn’t true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true.” –Soren Kierkegaard

This week is the Root or Coccygeal Chakra, located at the base of the spine or coccyx. It is connected to our physical self with survival (self-preservation and instincts) and security issues of relationships, finances, and food.

When the Root Chakra is open, we possess confidence, a sense of belonging, and the ability to stand up for ourselves. We demonstrate “backbone.” If closed or imbalanced, body issues—colds, fatigue, anemia, lower back pains, etc., isolation, depression, and constipation (physically and financially)–may manifest.

Activities relating to the physical world prime this Chakra. Jogging, gardening, exercise (and restful sleep), Yoga and Pilates, involvements with sports, and dancing help.

music and mindThe note “C,” and the utterance (toning) of “uh” as in bug, help balance and bring healing to this chakra, as does humming. Sound healing can also be achieved using tuning forks. After striking the fork on your knee, hold it over the chakra for several seconds. Just because you don’t hear its sound after a couple of seconds doesn’t mean it’s not vibrating. Wait before striking it again.

The color associated to the Root Chakra is red: red clothing, red room color, red gemstones (ruby, garnet, red jasper, etc.), red food and drink: red apples, cherries, pomegranates, beets, and their juices (KNUDSEN is an organic brand that doesn’t add sugars). And, you can eat red meat. Ar-r-r!  Season with Saffron. The hot spices of cayenne and Tabasco sauce will certainly plug you in to N-ER-G!

The “Golden Rule” or Karma governs this energy center. (Just in case you missed it… )

Use your body as a “choice determining instrument.” (Depok Chopra) Its energy will inform you of the likelihood of your choice’s ability to meet your safety need or increase the threat. Listen to your body talk.

The single oil, Sandalwood #3509 (15ml $14.80), has the umbrella effect of safety and security under it branches. To help move forward confidently, diffuse Into The Future #3369 ($34.54 for 5ml retail or $26.25 member, or “put in bathwater, apply over the heart, on wrists, neck, as a compress, and dilute with V-6 Oil for full- body massage.” (Reference Guide for Essential Oils-Connie and Alan Higley)

Though oils work differently on different people, by dropping one drop on each chakra (starting on the Root Chakra and working upward), diffusing into the air, or inhaling directly, Harmony #3351 ($91.78 retail, $69.75 member price opens the energy flow and balances ALL the electrical fields, and promotes physical and emotional wellness, among other benefits. It’s the best bang-for-your-buck.

Each week, I will progress up to the next chakra, one by one, to the Sacral, Solar Plexus, etc.

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Disclaimer: I am offering my insights and what has worked for me. This is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any condition of the body. Always consult your health professional before changing any program. I am not legally responsible for anyone else’s thoughts, words, actions or ramifications of such. Quotes I have used, and books or information I have referenced are not indicative of their authors agreeing with or condoning my suggestions and approaches.

Journey to Wholeness (IV) I AM GROUNDED, Foot Chakra

For me, it’s a spiritual experience when something someone relates resonates deep within; even if it’s not an immediate aha, it makes me think, “Huh?” I count it as a spiritual whisper. Sometimes, it takes not getting a concept to inspire questioning. You don’t know what you don’t know until you realize you don’t know. You know?

I desire my “conversations” do that for you. Stay open-minded. Each “next article” is built upon the last, with a week in between for settling and practice.

Grounding earthing

Usually omitted in the charted chakras is the Foot Chakra. It’s really the first and represents our foundation, the feeling of being grounded. It’s our ability to walk the walk.

If the Foot Chakra is closed, you may feel ungrounded and confused, even tired, irritable, and unreasonable. Integration with others and understanding other’s points of view is challenged. In extreme cases, there may be destructive behavior, super-sized temper tantrums. As a result, people may avoid and doubt you.

If you feel uncertain, when life serves up lemons or, the other extreme, when mundane activities interfere with your energy release, the Foot Chakra may be/become blocked.

Any workout or increase in activity will help return energy to its status quo. Take nature walks (earthing/grounding), jog, or jump rope. Smell the earth. Play in dirt; gardening can be transformational meditation.

If your MO is a wheelchair, have someone assist you by placing your feet on the ground, even pound them against the earth. (Here are some “earthing” products that may be of interest ) If this isn’t feasible, go quantum: think and envisioning yourself earthing. While you’re at it, you might as well Dance Like No One is Watching! 

The color Brown represents the Foot Chakra. Wear it. Look at it. Eat it.

As for “eating it:” eat root vegetables like potatoes and turnips; raw or boiled non-GMO peanuts; brown and black rice. Season with ground Cumin (get it?), and nutmeg. Treat yourself to dark chocolate, rich in flavonoids and can aid in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

Remember brown molasses? Molasses (“light”–first boiling, “dark”–second boiling, “blackstrap”–third boiling and has the greatest health benefits) is made from sugar cane, sugar beets, sorghum, carobs or dates. I drowned my mother’s handmade biscuits with this hearty syrup.

Also, remember molasses is sugar. When something sweet calls your name, EAT FRUIT. Your body is communicating its need for sugar–natural unadulterated sugar for brain support. Have you noticed sugar cravings when you are taxed or stressed? Glucose prevents brain tissue scarring from these experiences. “Comfort food” is not “soul food.” Although, soul food does emotionally and physically comfort your body…the best preventative to taking drugs!

Concerning drugs, and the perfect segue into essential oils, I recently read this:

“While synthetic drugs are simplified, isolated compounds, (essential) oils are complex structures that vary slightly from batch to batch. This means that while pathogens such as viruses can eventually ‘figure out’ the simplicity of drug structures, they cannot adapt to oils because they are always slightly changing.” -soundconcepts by Kari McDermott

In other words, new strains of diseases reinvent themselves to outsmart the pharmaceuticals, aka “medicines.” Essential oils are products of nature, subject to environmental influences. Because their chemistry varies year after year, they inherently outsmart drugs!

By defusing and/or applying two drops on your wrists or temples, Young Living’s Essential Oil Envision #3337 (5 ml, $24.67 retail)  helps to renew faith for the future.

Applied to the back of the neck and on the temples, Grounding #3348 (5ml, $23.36 retail) can help you cope with reality.

Any life upgrade requires knowledge, mindfulness, a decision, and taking action to change. DO IT! Color outside the lines!

Disclaimer: I am offering my insights and what has worked for me. This is not meant to diagnose, prescribe or treat any condition of the body. Always consult your health professional before changing any program. I am not legally responsible for anyone else’s thoughts, words, actions or ramifications of such. Quotes I have used, and books or information I have referenced are not indicative of their authors agreeing with or condoning my suggestions and approaches.

Journey to Wholeness-“Are Chakras ‘New Age?'”

I’ve received some questions about Chakras, so before jumping in this week, I’m quoting from David Stewart’s article, “Are Chakras ‘New Age?’” (He’s a PhD who authored Healing Oils of The Bible.):

“Chakras are not ‘New Age.’ They are Old Age being rediscovered. They are mentioned in both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. The Jews even have a symbolic representation for the seven Chakras in their Menorah of seven candles, the center one representing the heart chakra.

The first thing to understand is that we all possess an electromagnetic field in which our physical bodies are immersed. Even the medical and biological professions acknowledge that human beings have, not only a physical body of flesh and fluids, but also a subtle electromagnetic field upon which their physical body is superimposed.

Physicians measure your electromagnetic (EM) field to detect problems with your heart and brain by means of EKGs (Electrocardiograms) and EEGs (Electroencephalograms), but they don’t understand, nor utilize, the connections of our EM bodies to our physical bodies in a way to provide pathways to healing. They don’t understand that physical maladies, conditions, and sicknesses usually show up as irregularities in our EM field before they manifest physically. They are unaware of the connection between our minds and feelings to our electromagnetic field and how the condition of the EM Field affects our physical well-being.

Chakras are electromagnetic centers along the spine of our EM fields. They are the dynamic, functional organs of our EM body, which is a template that causes our physical bodies to materialize and manifest as it does. It is also through the EM Field that our physical bodies are energized and are enabled to maintain a healthy state directly from God’s consciousness.

The Bible says, in both Old and New Testaments, “Man shall not live by bread, alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.” (Deut. 8:3 and Matt. 4:4) The phrase, “By every word…” is in reference to God’s constant and continuous vibrational energy that emanates from Him constantly, which permeates the universe omnipresently, and which maintains us as living, conscious beings. If God’s constant attention on his created worlds flickered, even for one second, the universe and everything in it, including us, would vanish. (Psalm 121:3-4) It is that subtle EM field, a living spark of Gods consciousness, that ignites the life of a new human being at conception, that provides the pattern for the union of a sperm and an egg from a man and a woman to assemble into a complete body, molecule by molecule, cell by cell, into a completely ordered physical form. Without the electromagnetic blueprint enshrouding the developing fetus in the womb, the dividing cells would not know into which organs to differentiate and arrange themselves to form a complete, functional living body. Without the electromagnetic body, we would have no physical body.

When we die from this physical form, we become aware of our EM body, which is a body of light and energy.

Our bodies of light are usually not seen by us when we are living in the physical plane encased in flesh, but our etheric body becomes quite visible to us when we discard our material frame at death. The principal functional organs of your etheric body are the seven “chakras,” as they are called in Sanskrit in India. But the word, “chakra” in Sanskrit simply means “wheel.” This is appropriate since the chakras are all circular in appearance and contain geometric shapes and colors in their detail that could be likened to petals of a flower, spokes of a wheel, or points of a star. I prefer to call them “electromagnetic centers,” which are to our heavenly body what the various ganglionic centers are to our physical body. They are intelligent switching, coordinating, and routing centers for our electromagnetic (EM) bodies and perform functions that keep our physical bodies functioning in contact with God’s vital life force. Chakras are simply a part of our electromagnetic physiology.

We all have chakras or we wouldn’t be alive. To be fearful of the word chakra, or to be afraid to explore what they are and how they are a part of every human being, is like being afraid of your navel or your toe nails. They are essential features of your energetic anatomy.

Everyone has a set of seven chakras, be they Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, or whatever. Some religious systems recognize them and understand their spiritual implications and some don’t. But they are still there for everyone. The more you know and understand what they really are, the closer you can draw to God, whose essence is spirit. For example, in countries where the Eastern Orthodox Christian Church is prevalent, the chairs in the alter area of the church are narrow and have armrests that are high. When visiting one of these churches in Romania a few years ago, I was told that the high arm rests are for the priests to rest their elbows so they can close off their ears with their thumbs, shutting off physical outside sounds, in order to more easily hear the sounds of the chakras and commune with the Holy Spirit. They call it ‘sound meditation.’ Your electromagnetic field is simply a part of your human physiology.

Many people can see the energy bodies around others. Perhaps you have seen them yourself and weren’t sure what you were witnessing. Many can also hear the sounds made by the chakras from their own bodies (which I do).

Just as you can hear the sounds of your physical organs like your heart beating, your lungs breathing, or your digestive tract pushing through its contents, so sensitive people can hear the sounds of their astral bodies working.” ~David Stewart, PhD

For Dr. Stewart’s complete article, go here:

Journey to Wholeness: Background

If this is your first visit to “Conversations With Cynthia,” please check out last week’s introductory article for this series.

 Concerning the Chakras: The Chakras are the body’s energy centers located along the spine. These electromagnetic centers provide functions keeping our physical bodies alive.

Because they are Divinely sourced, some call our electromagnetic body our “spiritual body,” or “astral body.” The way I see it, they are whirling electromagnetic vapors from God’s life-giving breath resident within. In Truth, You are God’s address. HE IS resident within You.


Envision the movement of a small firenado. In comparison, when our chakras are open, their flowing funnel of electromagnetic energy moves in a vortex, sparking physical, mental, and emotional health. Although there are more, seven are generally illustrated and discussed.

The first—Root Chakra—is located at the base of the spine and represents our foundation and feeling grounded; the second—Sacral Chakra—is in the lower abdomen, representing connection, with others and life experiences; the third—Solar Plexus Chakra—is in the upper abdomen, representative of confidence and feeling in-control of our life; the fourth—Heart Chakra, in the center of the chest above the heart, represents our ability to give and receive love; the fifth—Throat Chakra, at the throat, represents our ability to communicate; the sixth—Brow Chakra, on the forehead between the eyes, represents our ability to focus on the bigger picture; and the seventh—Crown Chakra, on the top center of the head, represents our ability to be connected spiritually.

Please understand, that when I use the word “health,” it’s not only physical. I quote from Mary Kurus’ article, “Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Health.”

“It is only by dealing with each part of the whole within the whole, that we can have vital and energetic health. All organs, systems, thoughts, emotions, have their own specific energy or vibration.  Each organ vibrates at an energy specific to it alone.  Each piece of food or drink that we consume has its own vibration.  Each emotion has its own vibration.  Therefore what we feel, what we think, what we speak, eat and drink, have direct effect on our health.” (I discuss this in Part Two: As A Man Thinketh of my book, HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU, )

You’ve read that canned food has no vibration. That’s because there’s no life left in it. This is why I bring into the light the importance of understanding our whole, in order to BE whole!

Regarding essential oils: Any time I talk about using essential oils, I will only recommend Young Living’s (YL)! Why do I only use their oils? It is the only company with a “Seed to Seal” guarantee.

First, YL owns their own farms, globally. They monitor every aspect of how the oils are produced, from what goes into the soil to how it is bottled! They use organic seeds, the soil is nurtured with enzymes and organic fertilizers, watered with spring water, and weeded by hand. They harvest (flower, stem, leaves, root, bark, and/or resin) at the optimal time of day/season, and distill at low temperatures for the correct amount of time to get the primary benefits.

I know what I am using is 100% pure essential oil. I know what I use can be ingested, inhaled, or applied topically without harm to my body or others around me.

If you’re new to natural living, you may be wondering why I use essential oils? I’ve been into alternative medicine and ‘organic’ since my early twenties. The miraculous aspect of essential oils is their molecules are so tiny they penetrate past your skin, into your blood stream, through the walls of your cells, and are in every organ of your body in twenty minutes. When you inhale an essential oil, those same ultra-tiny molecules enter your lungs and brain and do the same thing! And, essential oils are 50-80% more powerful than herbs!

For other companies, any toxin in the oil from the farming and distillation process will also be inside that little bottle. Even if it says “Organic” on the label, the FDA “guidelines” for organic is only 3 drops of an essential oil per bottle! The mixture can be chemicals, preservatives, and perfumes. You have no idea if it was distilled at the right temperature or for the correct amount of time to be used for its healthful benefits. If the bottle says “DO NOT EAT. DO NOT INGEST” on it, do not put in on your body either! Read your labels!

Next week, full throttle!!

Journey to Wholeness-Introduction

I’ve reigned from my chariot for 37 years (40 at this edit). It’s not a record, but it’s up there. In my Memoir, Views From My Chariot , I use what I’ve learned to encourage, educate, and inspire others in their walk with lots of humor, hope, and a section of howtos.

My follow-up book, HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU, is a creative, doable, howto be the best you, strewn with leads to discover, or recapture, your life’s purpose with passion and power to coddiwomple to your Bestdom. I finish with some tongue-in-cheek farcical facts, food fun, and playful puns.

In my “Color Me Red, Orange, and Yellow” chapter, I merely skimmed the surface of color’s influence on and importance to our emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wholeness. In my “Journey to Wholeness” series, I will expound on these color’s influence of and importance to our true power system– our body’s energy centers or Chakras. I include how sound is therapeutic and offer alternative healing tips with Young Living EOs. I will also add a few of my life-upgrade coaching self-help tools for more self-empowerment..

If you’re thinking chakras sound “New Age,” in TRUTH, our energy center’s colors originated from “The Old Man” – Sam Eddy. God liked them so much, He displayed their ordered colors in His kiss of promise: the rainbow!

For clarity, I reiterate how I live my life and what I profess: I’m a conservative Christian with unconventional experiences with God; God with a capital “G.” I believe in the eternal existence of I Am (before anything was), Who IMAGINEERED and SPOKE into creation the expanse of the universes and us–“who live and move and have our BEing” (Acts 17:28). We are His Inspir-a-tion (“inspire” breathe into; “-tion” action or process of doing something), housed in a physical body–His pulsing well-spring of Life.

For awhile now, I’ve been involved with Young Living’s Essential oils and their benefits to my emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness, even for my cats. Thus said, I’m an investigative novice in body energy. I do know, ALL our life experiences are imprinted in our physical body systems and shout to us with attention-getting signs and dis-ease. Dis-ease, and those “buttons” we believe others push, are emotional memories knocking on the door of our consciousness. Awaiting our love and gratitude, they faithfully signal until we realize (see with real eyes) their message to transform our life. When all is well, awareness, health, wholeness, and vitality flow.

If your life purpose, direction, and vitality have waned or wearied, this series on empowerment is for you! It’s an invigorating B12 shot of health, hope, and wholeness!

(Normally, I keep my articles around 500-words, an easy-read. My second and third, the basis for my “Journey to Wholeness” series, will be longer.)

Until next week..