Newsletter series: Recuperative Sleep Aids

I was born wired for health. I just simmered for a couple of decades before reaching the necessary boiling point, my SCI.

My first book, Views From My Chariot is about my emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual journey since disability. My second, HOW TO BE THE BEST YOU, is how I reached wholeness, and a cheat sheet for you to do the same.

Starting in September and running through December, my “Chariot Notes” newsletter will feature a series on health in the (uh-hum) bedroom…for restful sleep, that is.

I know that a lot of you use perfectly legal prescription drugs dealing with ramification of disability. That’s fine. But in addition, I’m going to suggest some natural alternatives to transform your bedroom, and mind, for healthful sleep; like how to relax, how to find balance, how to purify the air and de-stress the atmosphere, how to relieve worrisome thoughts and let them go. Your quality of life IS up to you!

Take it from this interior decorator: The most important room in your home for your health is…no, not the kitchen: your bedroom. Sadly, it’s usually the last room to be updated because of the attitude: no one sees it. Therefore, the den, living room, kitchen, and powder room receive aid first. First aid for you is disregarded in your bedroom.

Those living with pain from a disability or illness know experientially how sleep evades us. For a multitude of others, restful sleep is a sought-after luxury, as well. It provides many health benefits, but it requires an ambiance to induce such. Color, neatness and order, pictures of special people, and mementos from special occasions all attribute to a sense of well-being, the foundation for restorative sleep.

For me, white represents purity, simplicity, and cleanliness. My bedroom’s white walls, white Matelasse bedspread, and white sheets are like an IV-injected anesthetic…Z-Z-Z.

Wrapping yourself in your favorite color is always a good idea. If they’re red or orange, as are mine, use them as secondary colors in accessories. For instance: using red in a rug, under or at the end of your bed, offers safety. “Hot” colors in a bedroom should always be used on an accent wall, wall hanging, upholstery, or accent pillows.

And, clutter is a definite NO-NO for peace and calm. Don’t use your bedroom as an office, an atelier or crafting area, for scrap booking or bookkeeping. Have a basket, drawer, or out-of-sight container designated for bills, mail, magazines, and catalogs. A cluttered room muddles the mind.

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And, if you don’t let me know your druthers, 2014 will begin with natural anti-inflammatory fixes for those muscle aches, running nerve pains, even bruising OR metabolism boosters and kitchen gadgets for healthy snacks, even chips for you chipaholics!

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  1. Thank you for your article. My husband calls my wheelchair my chariot. I have been a paraplegic since 2010 (due to medical error). I still have not come to terms with it and I hope that my discovery of this magazine and your articles will help. Please sign me up for your newsletter .

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