It’s Summertime Summertime Sum-sum-summertime

This is one of my “Off the Wall” posts, and my August newsletter, “Chariot Notes” theme. There’s no SCI lesson. It’s just to make you smile.

Have you already summered at a crowded theme park, a quaint lakeside, a romantic seashore, relaxing beach, or have plans to do so? Either way, I associate summer with song, and friends and family. Whether at the annual Fourth of July family reunion, or grilling amidst competitive backyard activities of horseshoes, basketball, and badminton, relishing nature by fishing, camping, and nature walks, or just lazily luxuriating somewhere, it’s always under the sun.

pool n beach ball

In my youth, convertibles, ‎‎beach towel sunbathing on foot-scorching sands, swimming in Gulf Coast ocean waters, or lounge chair sunbathing at a friend’s over-chlorinated pool was the ultimate summer activity; but ALWAYS accompanied by music and dancing! (For mental vacations to waylay stress, check in here:…elchair-needed/  Yep! IT’S SUMMERTIME!

For you of my generation, these words will roll off your tongue. For you young whippersnappers, go take a listen to what you missed. WARNING: possible earworm infestation.

Here are the first few lines of three of my favorite ‘oldies,’ along with the links to their audio enjoyment.

I’ll begin with my favorite favorite: The Lovin Spoonful-1980’s “Summer in the City.” These are from the original lyrics, instead of its more common misheard lyrics (which I was also quilty of mishearing), “Hot town, summer in the city, back of my neck getting dirty and gritty. Been down, isn’t it a pity, doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city. All around, people looking half dead walking on the sidewalk, hotter than a match head…” The Lovin’ Spoonful – Summer in the City – YouTube – 153k –

This one is my second favorite: Nat King Cole’s 1961 hit, “Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer.” “Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer, those days of soda, and pretzels, and beer. Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer. You’ll wish that summer could always be here…” Nat King Cole-Those Lazy, Hazy, Crazy Days of Summer – YouTube – 247k –

You’ll get a kick out of this oldie. Oh, for the simplicity of yesteryear! It’s the Jamies’ 1958 single, “Summertime.” “It’s summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime, summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime, summertime, summertime, sum-sum-summertime, su-um-mer-ti-i-ime…” The Jamies – Summertime, Summertime – YouTube – 145k –

OR here’s a present day ‘summer song’, “Summertime,” by Kenny Chesney Kenny Chesney – Summertime – YouTube – 168k –

What’s your favorite memory or summertime activity?

BONUS: Summertime recipe

For a healthy summer evening cool down, enjoy one cup of lycopene-rich chilled watermelon for 46 calories, or two cups for under 100 calories.

OR, for a cool 100 calorie zinger, cut a cupful of watermelon into one-inch cubes, freeze, then drop into the blender with a shot of Vodka. (It’s also a mosquito repellant…sort of. Although they’ll be attracted to the sugar in your blood, you’ll be distracted by the sugar in your blood.)

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